is proudly providing you with a complete range of marine services including wreck removal, salvage, towing apart from our state of the art Boat Recycling Program.

Our rates competitive rates will ensure you get the best value for your money.

When you hire us to deal with your unwanted boat or floating structure, we will provide you with a free evaluation, allowing you to chose the best solution.

Once you have decided to proceed, we will remove your boat and take it to our location. It does not matter if your boat is on a trailer, on blocks, moored, drifting, sunken or beached, we have the means to safely remove it.

Your vessel will be safely dismantled by boat professionals. In exchange for the Recycling Fee, you will be receiving a signed and stamped copy of your vessel Recycling Plan, an official document to prove the vessel was safely handled by recycling professionals and no act of pollution is likely to occur.

We will gladly remove any keepsakes or any equipment you may want to keep and hand it over to you at no extra charge.

Any proceeds we make from recycled items, we can either make available for you to pick up and sale, either sell ourselves at better dealer rates, then split the proceeds.

We guarantee your old boat will bring you the maximum cash return, in most cases paying fully for the recycling fees and making extra profits.

Any non-recyclable materials your boat may contain will be handled according to the highest environmental standard, avoiding pollution of the environment.

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